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Appearance(s) BB3 (W1HOH), BB4 (W8HOH), BB6 (W4 Misc), BB7 (W8CB), BB11 (W5HOH)

Violet: [takes a deep breath] I lo-

Everyone else: Yes, you love Winterbells, we know, you love Winterbells so much, it's the light of your life, you love it so much, you just love Winterbells, we KNOW, you love Winterbells you fucking love Winterbells ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE WINTERBELLS. WE GET IT. - Incorrect Quotes from PokéBeach Big Brother: Out of the Box

Winterbells is a flash game competition in BB3, BB4, BB6, BB7, BB11 and BB14.

Concept and Rules

In Winterbells, players would play as a bunny, jumping on the bells to score points. As the game progresses, bells continue to get smaller and smaller. Jumping on moving birds will double your total score.

Winning Placements

In BB3, Violet took this competition by storm with the absolutely massive score of 108,842,222,260 points. This absolutely huge score heavily linked Violet to this competition, both in jokes and in her preference of games.

In BB4, Lorde won the game with a score of 2,263,815,190 points, also with a very large lead. Though still large, as well as the third highest score submitted for the game, it's still dwarfed by the winning score in the season prior.

In BB6, Draskk ran away with the competition, scoring 3,251,909,400 points and winning immunity with it. The score managed to beat Lorde's score, but remains tiny in comparison to Violet's record.

In BB7, the competition was a surprise jury comebacks competition, while also serving as a reward competition for the houseguests. Jade won the reward portion between the houseguests with 1,027,854754 points, substantially higher than anyone else playing then but did not beat any past winning scores. In addition, Flour held and maintained a massive lead over the other jurors with a score of 11,270,050 points, re-entering the house.

In BB11, Gray won the competition with a score of 2,445,480 points, winning her 2nd HOH of the season!

In BB14, Nyan won the competition with a score of 28,858,470 points, winning Part 1 of the Final HOH and advancing to Part 3.