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Turnabout Trump
Big Brother Competitions
Appearance(s) BB3 (W2HOH), BB13 (W1 Misc)

Turnabout Trump is a forum game competition in BB3 and BB13.

Concept and Rules

The premise of the game was simple, houseguests were asked to order all the other contestants (except Violet, as outgoing HoH) in order of their favorite to least favorite. The criteria was entirely up to them.

Winning Placements

The way the votes went, if the competition was simple popularity contest, Lorde won have won with 120 points. But as the word turnabout implied, the opposite of what was perceived proved true. Pikachuuu had the least amount of points, 51, and was shockingly crowned the Head of Household.

In BB13, the results would not be flipped, and the genuine results would grand the most popular houseguest immunity for all of week 1, while putting the 2 least popular houseguests on the block for an Instant Eviction. Ultimately, Alfze was rated the most popular houseguest and won immunity for the week, while Almonds and Scorpion were rated lowest and nominated as a result.