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Triple Eviction Week is a twist introduced in BB10.


In BB10, the second half of the week would have a live HOH competition, nomination ceremony, POV competition, POV ceremony, and eviction ceremony all in a couple of hours, the same as the Live Double Eviction format.

However, instead of just a fast-tracked week, 2 people leave in this round instead of 1. The HOH nominates 3 houseguests for eviction. Then, the 3 nominees and 3 randomly selected houseguests would compete in the Power of Veto. After the competitions and 3 nominees are left during the eviction ceremony, the houseguests left off the block will vote to save 1 of the 3 houseguests from eviction. The nominee who receives the most votes to save will be safe, and the other 2 nominees will be evicted from the house.

Effects on the Game

The twist drastically sped up the game, especially at the timing of the event, resulting in the house dropping from only 8 houseguests to 5 in just a couple of hours.

Player Reception

This twist sent shockwaves around the house, especially since the houseguests had been informed that they were in for a standard double eviction instead. This sent Hibana into a panic while they adjusted their strategy, but ultimately sped up their steamrolling process and left the 4 of them alone in the house with Senkun when the dust settled.