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Now, what can you actually do with these tokens? Here comes the next part of the twist: the Token Shop! Every week while the over-arching Play Token twist is in effect, a new advantage or power will go up for sale in the token shop. The first person to pay the listed fee for the advantage or power will receive it, and the house will be notified when/if it has been purchased. - Lorde, BB9

The Token Shop is a sub-twist of Play Tokens introduced in BB9.


As a part of the Play Token twist, the Token Shop exists to provide means of acquiring advantages with the Play Tokens that you have.

  • Week 1 - Gold Card (1 Play Token): The houseguests were not told what the power did in advance. Upon buying this advantage, the buyer will be immune for the first 2 weeks of the game, but cannot compete in any competitions during that time. Though 2 of these were for sale, only 1 was purchased by Amy-Kate.
  • Week 2 - Vote Block (1 Play Token): At 1 of the next 2 evictions, the buyer may block 1 other houseguest from voting at the Eviction Ceremony. It will be publicly announced whose vote is blocked, but the user will remain anonymous. Only 1 was for sale, and it was purchased by Vom, and it was used to block Shaymin's vote on Week 3.
  • Week 3 - Mystery Box (1 Play Token): The contents of each mystery box will remain unknown to the house. 2 of them were for sale, and they were purchased by Mora and Nola.
    • Extra Token: In the first box, Mora purchased and received 2 tokens. Having spent 1 token to buy the box, this resulted in a net gain of 1 token.
    • HOH Block: In the second box, Nola purchased what turned out to be a punishment: the HOH Block. This punishment prevented him from playing in the next HOH competition he would be eligible for.
  • Week 4 - Swindle Swap (2 Play Tokens): Upon buying this advantage, the buyer must immediately swap their Play Token total with another houseguest. The advantage was not purchased and did not see play.
  • Week 5 - Arcade POV (3 Play Tokens): This POV will grant the holder extreme power, as it will allow the holder to save 1 of the nominees anonymously, but it will also give them an extra vote at the next Eviction Ceremony (must be used). This advantage expires on Week 8. Only 1 was for sale, and it was purchased by Mora, but was never used.
  • Week 6 - Impulse of Immunity (2 Play Tokens): If the HOH attempts to nominate the buyer, they will be announced as safe, and the HOH will have to name another nominee. This power will automatically be activated, can only be used once, and expires when there are 5 houseguests left in the game. Only 1 was for sale, and it was purchased by Vom and subsequently triggered that same week.
  • Week 7 - Letter to a Juror (1 Play Token): Upon buying this advantage, the buyer will have the ability to send a message to a member of the jury (up to 800 characters). This advantage expires at the beginning of Week 10. 3 of these were for sale, but only 2 were purchased by Almonds and Turtwig.
  • Week 8 - HOH (8 Play Tokens): Upon buying this advantage, the buyer will become the Head of Household for the week. It was purchased by Mora for Scattered, who became that week's HOH!

Effects on the Game

The token shop's effect on the game is through pumping advantages into the mix of the game, though the real effects are done by the advantages themselves. This was the main avenue in which new powers were distributed through the game, and so paying attention to the shop was vital for the houseguests.

Player Reception

Players received the token shop twist well, and quickly adapted to being online at the right times to buy the advantage as quick as possible, with some houseguests waking up early or staying up late to buy the advantages they needed to stay in the game.