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It seems like you entered the wrong room at the wrong time. This is no doubt a murder scene. It seems like one victim wasn't enough, and someone was hungry for more blood. You're not sure how this was managed, but it seems like now's a better time than any to find out. Unfortunately, the doors behind you are locked, and no one's getting out. - BB4 Update

The Murder Trial
Big Brother Competitions
Appearance(s) BB4 (W4HOH)

The Murder Trial is a forum game discussion-based competition in BB4.

Concept and Rules

At the beginning of Week 4, the houseguests enter the Ceremony Room of the House of Horrors to see a frightening scene: The dead body of TE, along with NP, asleep on the floor. The following competition gave the house the opportunity to voice their thoughts on the scenario by locking alliance chats and forcing discussion. The player who has the best reasoning and is the most able to convince the rest of the house that their reasoning is what really happened will win the competition, regardless of if that reasoning is correct or not.

Winning Placements

The Murder Trial was judged in a different way from every previous competition, as there was no clear way to decide a winner. Every argument made by houseguests were judged and evaluated, with the strongest arguments given the most power. Points were given to houseguests by creating strong arguments, supporting arguments, and counter-arguing, showing arguments to be invalid.

Blakers gained first place for creating the most major and popular argument, despite counter-arguing it himself. [pLorde]] was given second place for being the major contributor to most discussion, and Lily took third for creating notable smaller arguments, and proposing solid points of consideration.