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To begin this week, I'd like to go over a very special power that can be yours for the price of only all of the love in the world! At the end of last week, I asked the audience to not judge your reputation, but instead decide who of the seven remaining houseguests deserve the biggest advantage this game will ever see, the Ribbon Trophy! - VioletValkyrie, BB7

The Blood Veto is an advantage introduced in BB7.


The Blood Veto was a one-of-a-kind veto that the audience was able to give to a houseguest of their choice. It was known that the chosen houseguest would become immune for the week, but would not be able to compete in competitions, and was awarded until the title of the Ribbon Trophy.

However, the chosen houseguest also received the power to "veto" an evicted houseguest if they wished, automatically sending the houseguest who received fewer votes out of the house, making it one of the most powerful advantages in series history.

Effects on the Game

The Blood Veto's power was never felt, as the power remained secret and was ultimately discarded by Alfze.

Player Reception

The houseguests never actually knew about this power, and others did not know of its existence until post-season.