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In just a little bit, you'll be able to rejoin private communications with the other member of your duo. But first, it is time to reveal the theme for this week. This week is themed around Temptation, and you'll be faced with a dilemma between greed and teamwork, secrecy and publicity, and trust and fear. - NinjaPenguin, BB8

Temptation Week is a twist introduced in BB8.


Temptation Week did exactly as the name entails: tempt the houseguests with advantages. The houseguests got to choose to secretly compete for the Backdoor Blockade, or they were able to compete in the HOH and POV competitions as usual. In addition, the winner of the POV competition would be able to secretly take the Bag of Bounty, or the POV itself, with the unchosen selection being given to the 2nd place finisher in the competition.

Effects on the Game

The effects of Temptation Week were large: it brought 2 advantages into the mix of the game. Though neither advantage was actually used, as information spread around the house, it marked targets on both of their holders for the coming weeks.

Player Reception

Temptation Week had a very positive reception from the players. It was seen as an interesting decision between short-term and long-term plans, testing which houseguests were confident enough in their safety that week to try to gain power for future weeks. The secret nature of decisions and low accountability for players who decided to take temptations was also praised. However, the fact that communication was banned while houseguests made their decisions led to some criticism, as some felt they should be allowed to discuss their decision with their allies in a social game, though others appreciated the secret nature of decisions, which made prediction of other players a crucial skill in deciding whether or not to take a temptation.