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T-Rex Game
Big Brother Competitions
Appearance(s) BB6 (W4 Misc), BB7 (W4HOH), BB10 (W8HOH), BB14 (W1POV)

The T-Rex Game is a flash game competition in BB6, BB7, BB10 and BB14.

Concept and Rules

In the T-Rex Game, houseguests had to hop over and avoid as many obstacles in the middle of the desert as possible.

Winning Placements

In BB6, this was a Reward competition was won by Draskk with 4,065. He was privately rewarded with an Immunity Idol.

In BB7, this HOH competition was won by Jade, surpassing Gekki's record with 14,945 points!

In BB10, NP managed to score 15,664 points, breaking the record and becoming the new HOH.

In BB14, Turtwig managed to win the competition with 4,470 points, winning the POV.