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I picked it because I remember you guys being mad at it from BB1, haha.- Violet, about Swirlix's Cotton Candy Catch

Swirlix's Cotton Candy Catch
Big Brother Competitions
Appearance(s) BB1 (W2HOH), BB4 (W1POV), BB6 (W2POV)

Swirlix's Cotton Candy Catch is a flash game competition in BB1, BB4 and BB6.

Concept and Rules

Swirlix's Cotton Candy Catch features a cotton candy machine in the middle of the play area, which expels pink cotton candy and black smoke. Moving a rod around the play area, collect as much cotton candy as possible while avoiding smoke and collecting power-ups.

Winning Placements

In BB1, TAE won the competition with a large score of 92'07", the highest that was seen at that point and the highest score submitted for the challenge.

In BB4, Draskk was nominated for the competition, and had won the competition with a score of 82'01" in order to free himself from his death tag.

In BB6, Mae won the POV competition, securing full control over the entire week.