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Survivor Week is a twist introduced in BB2, that later returned for BB3, and BB6.


In BB2, Survivor Week was a 2-part week based on CBS' other hit Reality TV competition: Survivor. Players first participated in the Survivor Auction, winning advantages. These advantages were:

  • Immunity Advantage: Player gains an advantage in the following Immunity Challenge.
  • Week Off: Player became immune for the week, but did not compete in the Immunity Challenge or vote.
  • Double Vote: Enables a player to have a vote-weight of 2 during Tribal Council.

They then would compete in an immunity challenge. Whoever won the immunity challenge would be safe from the vote at Tribal Council. At Tribal Council, players could vote for whoever they wanted.

In BB3, the twist returned with drastic alterations. There was no Reward or Immunity challenge, and houseguests went straight to the vote. No one was immune from being voted out.

In BB6, Survivor Week returned to its first format, with a reward challenge followed by an immunity challenge. However, instead of the typical Survivor Auction, the winner of the reward challenge would receive an advantage in the game.

  • Hidden Immunity Idol: The winner of the reward challenge would be granted a Hidden Immunity Idol. This idol could be played on the holder itself, or for another player to nullify all votes cast against them.

Effects on the Game

The twist changed the format in which the now castaways were playing in, it was a completely different game for the week. The open format provided a great opportunity to mobilize against a threat.

Player Reception

Survivor Week was a rather strange twist. It wasn't received in much negative light by the houseguests who believed that since it still gave them all a fair shot it was a fine way to shake up the game.