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Sorting Lab
Big Brother Competitions
Appearance(s) BB11 (D49POV), BB12 (D56POV)

Sorting Lab is a forum game competition in BB11 and BB12.

Concept and Rules

In Sorting Lab, houseguests compete in a number of rounds, during each of which they will be given a category and some number of "roles" in that category. They will then have to match each role with another player in the competition how they see fit, their goal being to try to find the most popular answers, as well as earn points from being chosen for prompts. The houseguest with the most points after a set amount of rounds will win the competition!

BB11 and BB12's versions had different point measurements.

Winning Placements

In BB11, Dunk finished the competition with 33 points, winning the double eviction POV! He chose to save Senkun from the block.

In BB12, Jabber won the competition with 115 points, winning the double eviction POV, and full power for the round.