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Appearance(s) BB3 (W5HOH), BB5 (W3POV), BB6 (W7HOH)

Snake is a flash game competition in BB3, BB5, and BB6.

Concept and Rules

In Snake, houseguests use the arrow keys to control your snake, trying to eat as many apples as they can to grow as long as possible while avoiding the wall, or eating your tail.

Winning Placements

In BB3, this competition was high-pressure was pivotal to the rest of the game's course. Lorde won with a score of 184, which enabled Mariano to be backdoored and blindsided at the end of the week.

In BB5, this competition was recycled as a POV competition. TE beat Lorde's record with a score of 209, and was able to remove himself from the block as a result.

In BB6, this competition was won by Jade with a score of 205, winning his 2nd HOH of the season!