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For an important reveal, I must note that the Scrambler's Insignia has been used. I will not disclose exactly what this power does, or who the user was. - Lorde, BB10

The Situational Vote is an advantage introduced in BB10 as the Scrambler's Insignia.


The Situational Vote allows the holder to vote from the nomination block, or as the HOH, the only two situations in which a houseguest normally would not be able to vote in the game. The power could last be used at the Final 5.

Effects on the Game

The effect on the game is essentially an extra vote from an unexpected place in the house, but ultimately holds no power beyond that. By nature of being an extra vote, it gets progressively more powerful the later in the game that it is used.

Player Reception

Unlike the Conqueror's Insignia, this power was not made public. When Flour used it at the last possible opportunity at the Final 5, it shocked the rest of his Hibana alliance and caused a target to grow on his back, as he told no one of its existence.