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This week will be a little... interesting. Confusing, even. The competition you just played in was not a simple HoH, but in fact, the first competition of the week for this grand week, a showdown for supremacy! - VioletValkyrie, BB7

Showdown for Supremacy is a twist introduced in BB7.


The Showdown for Supremacy was the final twist in the twisty and complicated season of BB7. Instead of the traditional 3-Part HOH, houseguests competed in a series of competitions:

  • Duels #1-3: These duels would all be 1-on-1 duels between 2 houseguests. Each houseguest would play in 2 of these duels, and the winner of each duel would gain a point.
  • Promotion Competition: This competition takes place in between Duels #1-3, and all 3 houseguests would compete in this comp. The winner of this competition receives a guaranteed seat in the Final 2, regardless of how many points they received.
  • Duels #4-5: These duels would be played by the players who gained any points at all in the first 3 duels. If someone received zero points in Duels #1-3, they would not compete in Duels #4-5. The first person to reach 3 points total as a result of these duels wins the duel portion of the Showdown for Supremacy, and claims a seat in the Final 2.

Effects on the Game

Obviously the Showdown for Supremacy made the Final 3 a lot more complicated and elaborate than it usually is, as it no longer followed a simple "winner evicts a loser of their choice" structure, as this allowed for multiple routes to the end. If someone were to win both the Promotion and survive the Duels, then they would evict a player of their choice. However, if different houseguests won the promotion and the duels, then the houseguest who did not win either would be automatically evicted. It made for a final week with more possible routes for anyone to get to the end.

Player Reception

Several houseguests were confused by the complexity of the game's final week. However due to the house's diligence and the hostess being aware and prepared for that situation, these potential issues were avoided.

The Showdown for Supremacy was designed not only as a way to give anyone in the final 3 multiple ways to the end, but to satisfy the audience's idea of having an ideal final 3 week. The competitions were chosen exclusively to surprise or give a circular system of advantage to each houseguest (as each of the first 3 duels were games that one of the three houseguests had won previously) and was designed as an interesting final 3 week that would please everyone.

As it ended up being a confusing final 3 week that not very many people were involved in, player reception hasn't been well-documented.