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Run 3
Big Brother Competitions
Appearance(s) BB3 (W2POV), BB5 (W6HOH), BB7 (W8HOH)

Run 3 is a flash game competition in BB3, BB5, and BB7.

Concept and Rules

In Run 3, players play as an alien traversing the cosmos, using the space bar and arrow to keys to move and jump as needed.

Winning Placements

In BB3, Lorde barely edged out NP with a score of 3,690 to his 3,625. She removed her close ally, Violet from the block.

In BB5, Hermes beat out the next highest score by a few hundred points, finishing with 7,282 meters.

In BB7, Flour after re-entering the house, won out with help from Celever's negative reputation with 3,248 meters total.