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Ready, Aim, Fire!
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Appearance(s) BB3 (W4POV), BB4 (W5POV), BB10 (W1Misc)

Ready, Aim, Fire! is a forum game competition in BB3, BB4 and BB10.

Concept and Rules

In Ready, Aim, Fire!, houseguests compete in a shoot-off, taking different actions to eliminate the other houseguests and come out on top. During each phase, houseguests pick one of three actions:

Shoot another player, killing them.

Shoot yourself, allowing a player to attempt to avoid being shot. If a player shoots someone who shoots themselves, the former will die instead. However, if a player shoots themselves and no one else shoots them, they die.

Do nothing, obtaining a piercing shot, which will kill a player regardless of their action.

All actions play out at the same time in the same phase. The game continues until one player is left standing (or in BB10's case, until at least 6 houseguests have been killed).

Winning Placements

In BB3, Ready, Aim, Fire! became a game of predictability between two alliances, another competition showcasing the rivalry between Mariano and Violet as the two began to attempt to out-predict each other. Creating a temporary alliance with TE, Violet's alliance had pulled through, giving Mirdo the win and allowing for a discreet competition win for the Galactic Empire alliance.

In BB4, the name of the game was the same and players were quick to start predicting each other's moves. However, after the first phase, the allied mirdo and Blakers were left standing, hatching a plan to simply toss the victory to whoever was best suited for it, being Blakers.

In BB10, Aria, Ephemera, Nick, and NP were the only survivors past the first round, meaning they survived the HTR competition!