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Your Popularity Contest standings weren't just to determine immunity and instant nominees, they're here to determine your partners! - Violet, BB13

Popularity Palooza is the opening twist of BB13.


Instead of opening up the game with a standard HOH, week 1 would be divided into 2 parts, sending 2 houseguests home:

  • Part 1 - Popularity Rankings: In the first part of the week, the houseguests would rank each other from 1st to 11th (not including themselves) with 1st being the highest. At the end, the houseguest with the highest average rank would receive immunity for the entire week (including Part 2), while the 2 houseguests with the lowest averages would be put on the block for an Instant Eviction.
  • Part 2 - Popularity Pairs: In the second part, pairs would be formed from the popularity results from Part 1. The first place finisher in Popularity would not be paired as a result of winning immunity. 2nd place would be paired with the houseguest who survived the block, 3rd with 10th, 4th with 9th, 5th with 8th, and 6th with 7th. Each pair would compete in a Safety Duel, with the winner being safe from nomination, and the loser being nominated. In the end, the 5 duel losers would all be nominated for eviction, and the winners, as well as the immune houseguest, would cast their votes to evict 1 of them from the house.

Effects on the Game

The Popularity Palooza drastically altered how the beginning of the game would work, ignoring the standard HOH-POV format as well as knocking out 2 houseguests very quickly, forcing houseguests to make relationships fast and adapt even faster.

Player Reception