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Popularity Contest
Big Brother Competitions
Appearance(s) BB1 (W8HOH), BB2 (W7HOH), BB6 (W1HOH), BB7 (W5HOH), BB11 (W1HOH)

Popularity Contest is a forum game competition in BB1, BB2, BB6, BB7, and BB11.

Concept and Rules

Houseguests are given the task of voting on their next Head of Household.

In BB7, this concept was altered in that it became a public discussion in-thread, with alliance conversation and the Discord's house chat being off limits for the duration of the competition.

Winning Placements

In BB1, Blakers narrowly won in a 4-3 vote, giving him the ability to nominate Quaking and Muffin for eviction.

In BB2, LC won out in a 4-1 vote, crowning him the HOH. However, in a PBB first, he named no nominees. This resulted in Celever and Jesi being randomly selected.

In BB6, Draskk won the HOH with 7 votes, crowning him the HOH. He immediately nominated Flour and Goomy.

In BB7, Celever and Mirdo tied with 3 votes each. In addition, both had a -1 reputation at the time, which resulted in the two competing in a tiebreaker.

In BB11, the duo of Ryze and Senkun received a majority of 5 votes, crowning them the HOHs for the week!