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Pokémon Trivia
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Appearance(s) BB2 (W5POV)

Pokémon Trivia is a forum game competition in BB2.

Concept and Rules

For the POV, houseguests were quizzed on their Pokémon knowledge, and had to answer questions about Pokémon history correctly.

Here are the questions:

  1. In Generation 4, which extremely important mechanic was introduced into the Video Games that changed the battle scene completely? [Answer: Physical/Special Split]
  2. Which is the first Japanese Pokemon TCG Set to include Super/Ultra/Secret Rares? (basically, which was the first set to include a card with a rarity that is rarer than Holo Rares). [Answer: Rocket Gang]

Winning Placements

In BB2, NP won the Power of Veto in just two questions, since everyone except him was incorrect on the 2nd one. He chose not to change his nominees.