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Welcome everyone! I’m sure you’re all ready to get the game, but I have a string of announcements to get to. The twist. This season has been noted for having a twist that will change the way the game is played! The twist? Well, there's only one thing the BB house lacks to create a true “society” on its own: a currency. More specifically, Play Tokens. - Lorde, BB9

Play Tokens is a twist introduced in BB9.


The tokens create an economy within the game of Big Brother, and add another variable to be accounted for throughout the game. These tokens can be used to do a variety of things, can be acquired in different ways, as explained in the rules that come with them:

  • These tokens can be used to purchase anything offered to you.
  • Play Tokens can be transferred freely between houseguests. This can be done by tagging me in your DR and telling me how many tokens you’re transferring to whom.
  • On occasion, the winners of the HOH and POV competitions will also earn Play Tokens as an additional prize for winning. These opportunities will be announced publicly when the competition is announced.
  • If a houseguest is evicted and has Play Tokens in their possession, they must will their tokens to a player still in the game.
  • Token willing, and by extension the Play Token twist, has a pre-determined end date, which will be announced when the twist actually ends.

Effects on the Game

The effects of the Play Tokens were massive throughout this season, as they supplied endless advantages, ran an entire comeback opportunity during the pre-jury phase, and changed social dynamics as people figured out how these tokens would work.

Player Reception

Play Tokens were a giant change in the way the game worked this season. Throughout the season, plenty of houseguests were confused about the role tokens played in the game, and constantly messed up on the rules attached to them, particularly how they were transferred. Overall though, the house never rejected the twist, and simply rolled with the punches thrown by it.