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This piñata has been here since the beginning. It started with someone, they hit it and passed it to someone else. That someone then passed it to someone else as well, and this has continued until right now. All of it was anonymous, the person who received the piñata would not be told who gave it to them. But something else was important, the number of hits it could take. That number just hit zero. - Lorde, BB12

The Piñata is a twist introduced in BB12, and returned as The Porridge Pot in BB14.


The piñata was randomly assigned to a houseguest at the start of the game. They hit the piñata, and were told to pass it to another houseguest at the end of the week. This would continue until week 7, where the person who received it would hit it for the final time, and would receive the contents of it. The final houseguest to hit the piñata was Flour, and upon hitting it he was announced as the HOH for the week.

In BB14, the now-known-as Porridge Pot was given to the 2nd place finisher of the first HOH competition. The porridge was then passed, leaving disadvantages for those who drank it in later weeks. On week 5, the 3 houseguests who drank the porridge (Alfze, Nyan and Turtwig in order) and suffered the disadvantages were transported to the Quiet Quarters, where they would have a week off from the game.

  • Week 2 Punishment - Vote Loss: Alfze drank the porridge at the start of week 2 and received The Golden Feather, and lost the ability to vote to evict for the week.
  • Week 3 Punishment - POV Pull: Nyan drank the porridge at the start of week 3 and received Snow White's Apple, and lost the ability to be drawn for the POV competition for the week.
  • Week 4 Punishment - Competition Penalty: Turtwig drank the porridge at the start of week 4 and received The Little Hen's Nut, and received a 15% penalty in the next competition he would compete in.

Effects on the Game

Besides adding an extra thing to do for 1 houseguest each week, the piñata affected nothing until it exploded, and made Flour the HOH.

BB14's disadvantages had minor impacts on the game, as Alfze's inability to vote resulted in a tiebreaker vote on the second week, but little else was affected until the 3 drinkers were taken away on week 5.

Player Reception

Besides those who held the piñata and their close allies, nobody was aware of its existence until it exploded and gave Flour the HOH. People recognized that it was a big twist, and though not enjoying their inability to play in an HOH competition for the week, still regarded it as a big twist that changed the week's dynamics.

BB14's twist was met with similar frustration, with some houseguests and the freshly evicted first juror reacting with surprise and anger that so many targets were taken off the board for the week.