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Appearance(s) BB8 (W4HOH), BB10 (W4Misc), BB11 (W3HOH), BB15 (D21HOH)

Parroting is a forum game competition in BB8, BB10, BB11 and BB15.

Concept and Rules

In Parroting, houseguests had to give an answer to a question, in hopes that others would respond with the same answer. The more people that answered a response, the more points everyone who responded with it would receive. The person with the most points after 10 rounds will win the competition!

Winning Placements

In BB8, Mirdo edged out Lorde by a single point, and won the Head of Household with 32 points!

In BB10, Violet won first place Parroting with 45 points, and Aria won second place Parroting with 20 points, with both becoming immune for the week!

In BB11, with 23 points and a whole lot of inactivities, Vom managed to win the HOH directly after surviving the eviction.

In BB15, with 27 points, Coltyn won the competition, becoming the new HOH.