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Multitask 2
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Big Brother Competitions
Appearance(s) BB4 (W6POV), BB5 (W5POV), BB8 (W10HOH Part 1)

Multitask 2 is a flash game competition in BB4, BB5, and BB8.

Concept and Rules

In Multitask 2, houseguests had to keep track of multiple different tasks in different parts of the window, using different keys to control different tasks. If one of these tasks failed, the game would end.

Winning Placements

In BB4, despite attempting to throw the competition, NP managed to win for the second time that week with 63. Due to Nyan being modkilled at the end of this competition, he was forced to name LC as a pawn.

In BB5, NP successfully defended his title with a huge 115, barely edging out TE and Hermes in this critical competition.

In BB8, Lorde smashed the competition, and broke NP's record with a score of 119 points, winning Part 1 of the Final HOH!