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Appearance(s) BB8 (W1HOH), BB9 (W2HOH), BB13 (W8HOH Part 1)

Love is a flash game competition in BB8, BB9 and BB13.

Concept and Rules

In Love, houseguests had to gain as many points by being in close proximity to as many of the moving blocks as possible. However, if they get to close they'll be hit, and their run will end. The houseguest who accumulates the most points will win the competition!

Winning Placements

In BB8, Violet scored the highest, with 18,716 points, winning the first HOH of the season. In addition, Brave, Lorde, Jade, Ephemera, and Mirdo won immunity for the week through the HOH Division twist!

In BB9, Mora won HOH with a score of 17,221 points, and nominated Almonds and Nola.

In BB13, Draskk won the competition with a score of 18,878 points, winning Part 1 and advancing to Part 3.