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Here is a mysterious brown colored drink with an awful odor. Will this drink contain some sort of advantage? Disadvantage? Nothing at all? Who knows!? Start talking! - BB2 Update

Big Brother Competitions
Appearance(s) BB2 (W5HOH), BB4 (W6HOH)

Loserosis is a forum game discussion-based competition in BB2 and BB4.

Concept and Rules

In both seasons where Loserosis was a twist, there was no warning until it was actually announced that this would be how a winner were determined.

In BB2, players were simply told someone had to drink a mysterious drink. In BB4, players were led to believe they had to choose a player to singlehandedly bring back one of the previously evicted houseguests, which ended up being far from the truth.

Winning Placements

In BB2, LC volunteered to drink the brown colored substance, and was the first infected with Loserosis. In the end, NP was the last uninfected player, and he was awarded the Head of Household.

In BB4, history miraculously repeated itself. LC was chosen to try and get DoS back into the house, but ended up being the first player infected again. As players were infected, NP again ended up winning this selective competition, taking the title of HOH once more.