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Long Road Back is a twist introduced in BB3.


The twist was a duel system. Evicted houseguests would be compete in these duels to try to win their way back into the game. There were two different rounds of this twist, which resulted in 2 people coming back to the game at different points.

Round 1:

NP returns to the game at the beginning of Week 6.

Round 2:

Mariano returns to the game at the beginning of Week 8.

Effects on the Game

The twist brought 2 players who'd been evicted back to the game, no game before or since has brought back more than 1 person after their initial eviction besides this one.

Player Reception

The twist itself was not received in a poor light, but the manner in which Mariano returned with the Gauntlet of Gluttony upset plenty of people. The twist itself is structured well, forcing players evicted farther back to work harder to get back into the game.