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Legends of the Fallen
Big Brother Competitions
Appearance(s) BB10 (W8POV), BB11 (W9POV), BB13 (W7POV)

Legends of the Fallen is a forum game competition in BB10, BB11 and BB13.

Concept and Rules

In Legends of the Fallen, the houseguests would be given slow-rolling boards, with 5 categories that each showed 1 detail of a certain evicted houseguest's game: HOH wins, times nominated, POV wins, the vote they were evicted by, and a random or miscellaneous fact about them. The houseguests would get 1 guess each round to guess who the houseguest was, earning a point if they got it wrong. With 7 rounds, the houseguest who had the most points within 7 rounds, or the first houseguest to reach 4 points would win the competition!

In BB11, this was changed to first to 5 points, and up to 8 rounds. In BB13, this was changed to 3 points in 6 rounds.

Winning Placements

In BB10, Ephemera defeated Violet in the tiebreaker round, winning the POV!

In BB11, Dunk managed to get 4 points in just 6 rounds, winning the POV and saving himself from the block!

In BB13, Mirdo managed to get to 3 points within 5 rounds, winning the POV!