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The Legacy Advantage is an advantage in BB5



The Legacy Advantage was to be used during the HOH of the Final 8 or the Final 5.


The Legacy Advantage granted complete immunity to the user for the entire week. If the holder died while in possession of this advantage before the Final 5, they had to choose a player still in the house to receive it. 


Since VioletValkyrie won Poom!, the Reward competition that rewarded this advantage, she was given the advantage first. However, when she was evicted at the Final 8 after deciding against using it, she gave the advantage to her close ally NinjaPenguin.

Impact on the Game

The advantage had no impact on the game once it was officially in play. Week 5 was the Top 7, and the advantage was specifically disallowed to be used during this Double Eviction Week to prevent anyone from skating by such a risky week by advantage. But, when Mariano11887 quit due to health reasons during this week, this meant the following week would be the Final 4. The advantage was deemed too powerful to be played so late in the game, and ultimately was never able to see play.