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Inkay's Topsy Turvy World
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Big Brother Competitions
Appearance(s) BB2 (W1POV), BB4 (W5HOH)

Inkay's Topsy Turvy World is a flash game competition in BB2 and BB4.

Concept and Rules

In Inkay's Topsy Turvy World, houseguests control an Inkay gliding along the ground. Clicking the mouse flips Inkay from the bottom to the top, or back to the bottom from the top in order to avoid pitfalls. Using jump bubbles and flipping Inkay to navigate terrain is key to victory.

A player's score grows as time passes, but can get boosts by picking up PokéPuffs, or groups of PokéPuffs. The game ends when Inkay falls down a pit, or is blocked by terrain to the point of hitting the left side of the screen.

Winning Placements

In BB2, Palutena became the first winner of a Power of Veto competition by gaining more than double of the second place score, submitted by TSM.

In BB4, Hermes trailed slightly behind the high score set by Professor Palutena, while still staying ahead of the rest of the house, gaining him the win.