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I swear to god I hope people know that we're not trying to offend them. - VioletValkyrie

Incorrect Quotes from PokéBeach Big Brother is a collection of jokes or out of context quotes written as if spoken by actual PokéBeach Big Brother players created by Violet during BB3. Quotes and jokes range from a variety of sources, such as TV shows and movies, social media posts, and other websites.


The earliest history of Incorrect Quotes starts on January 3rd 2018, when Violet sent several of the first quotes to members of the Galactic Empire. The very first quotes typically only included the members of the alliance itself, and had become a topic of discussion before a beta document (titled "Incorrect Quotes from Big Brother 3: PokéBeach Edition") was created on January 6th in order to hold all the previously conceived quotes.

Though originally created specifically for BB3 as a joke, they've since become a series tradition and a master document featuring all quotes made during every game following BB3 was made on December 6th, 2018, reaching over 30 full pages of text since its creation. On December 25th, a tumblr blog was created by Violet in order to manage and upload quotes easily. From that point, the blog updated sporadically for over a year.

The blog was announced to be on an unknown hiatus on March 26th, 2020, with Violet stating it wouldn't be passed off to anyone else in her absence, as it'd be uncomfortable to pass off a representation of her sense of humour to someone else. Since then, no quotes have been imported.

On July 10th, the blog was reopened since Violet's return with the announcement of daily updates, and a batch of quotes meant to match the size of the one before the hiatus. The blog has been set to continue sporadic updates ever since.


Created Blog

You can view the tumblr blog with all created quotes to date [here]. The blog is currently run by VioletValkyrie and is set to update sporadically, with submissions open. This blog contains mature language and may contain adult themes.

Old Master Document

You can view the old version of the master document with all created quotes as of December 2018 [here]. This document contains mature language and may contain adult themes.