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Hit The Road is a twist introduced in BB2 that later returned in BB3, BB4, and BB10.


In a Hit the Road competition, the players compete for safety. The loser of the competition will be automatically evicted from the house. Though this twist usually takes place at the beginning of the game, PBB has historically used it in the late game, at the Final 4 more specifically (BB2-4).

In BB10, however, the twist took place at the start of the game to remove 2 players from the game, with the lowest score in the competition being automatically evicted, and the 2nd and 3rd lowest scores being placed on the block.

Effects on the Game

Hit The Road's effect on the game is massive, evicting players in a comparatively unorthodox format without an HOH or POV competition.

Player Reception

Though Hit The Road is a large shake-up, it's often viewed as unfair by players, considering that the bread and butter of Big Brother is the social game, and evicting people via competitions disagrees with that.