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Appearance(s) BB2 (W3HOH), BB5 (W4POV), BB9 (W10HOH Part 1)

Hex FRVR is a flash game competition in BB2, BB5 and BB9.

Concept and Rules

In Hex FRVR, houseguests had to create end-to-end lines in a hexagonal board, using different shapes to finish those lines. Completing these chained lines awards points, and completing multiple lines at once gives more points depending on how many lines were completed.

Winning Placements

In BB2, this was the Head of Household competition for Doubles Week. Mirdo (with the highest score of 22,963) and Jesi (with 21,077) won the competition, becoming the two HOHs at the start of the week.

In BB5, Hermes blew previous records as well as current competitor's score out of the water with 141,377 points, almost 100,000 points more than the next highest score.

In BB9, Mora won the competition with a score of 60,006, winning Part 1 of the final HOH and moving on to Part 3.