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As she giggles excitedly, the houseguests exchange nervous glances at each other. Well, it looks like this is the safest way to proceed with your lives, right?
...A little stab wound is nothing, right..? - BB4 Update

The Hall of Knives is a forum game competition in BB4 and BB5.

Hall of Knives
Big Brother Competitions
Appearance(s) BB4 (W1HOH), BB5 (W1HOH)

Concept and Rules

The houseguests are faced with a hall, featuring ten sets of two doors. Each set of doors has one door with knives. The 10 sets are generated without the houseguests' knowledge, giving the game a somewhat random feel. In actuality, the doors were pre-set, meaning houseguests played the game blind, and not randomly.

For each set, houseguests must choose either the left door or the right door. Opening the wrong door will give the houseguest a stab wound.

The houseguest with the least amount of stab wounds after 10 doors is declared the winner.

Winning Placements

In BB4, LC won the original competition with 3 stab wounds. However, Lorde received the worst score with 8 stab wounds and was challenged to play the competition in Week 9's Face Your Fears competition, where she finished with a score of 100%.

In BB5, the game was revealed to have competitions from past games, starting with Hall of Knives as Week 1's HOH competition. Jade won the competition with 3 stab wounds, the same as the winning score in the season prior.


Due to the flavour in which updates were written in BB4, Hall of Knives is the only competition to have the entire house's scores revealed without some sort of twist. This was due to the acts of The Hostess "mocking" those who just picked the same door over and over and over again, therefore failing to win the competition.