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With the game shaken up by The Spotlight, being Head of Household is especially vital to earn your own safety in this game. Luckily, because I'm feeling the love, it's easier to get safety this week than ever. For this week, the top six finishers in the Head of Household competition will all earn safety for the week! That's right, all you need to do is finish in the top half of this competition and you will make to Week 2. Of course, only the winner of this competition gets the power to nominate others, but safety can't hurt, right? - NinjaPenguin, BB8

HOH Division is a twist introduced in BB8.


The HOH Division is a twist that granted the 2nd through 6th place finishers in week 1's HOH competition full immunity for the week, no strings attached.

Effects on the Game

The effects of the HOH Division were just that: narrowing the target list for the week 1 HOH. The twist was designed to give houseguests with a reputation for skill in competitions a week to breathe, and get their footing in the house without worry. This was not entirely successful, however, as Hermes slipped through the cracks and was evicted.

Player Reception

The HOH Division was widely praised by the players as a good way to increase player engagement early in the game and increase tension by reducing the pool of players that could be nominated. Though it was ultimately unsuccessful in giving all perceived competition threats a chance to build up their social games, the idea of a twist like this to prevent players from targeting major players simply for doing well in past games was seen as a good concept for a twist in an All-Star season.