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Grid 16
Big Brother Competitions
Appearance(s) BB8 (W3HOH/Reward), BB11 (W6HOH)

Grid16 is a flash game competition in BB8 and BB11.

Concept and Rules

Somewhat similar to Multitask 2, houseguests had to manage multiple tasks at once, though only focusing on one at a time due to the screen shifting from task to task. The houseguest who was able to do this for the longest time would win the competition!

Winning Placements

In BB8, Violet managed to outmaneuver the others with a score of 16,471 and won her 2nd HOH in a row! In addition, Raven won the Backdoor Blockade as part of the Temptation Week twist with a score of 5,355.

In BB11, Scorpion managed to score above the rest of the house with a score of 6,884, winning his 3rd HOH in a row!


After her eviction, Violet mentioned that her score was well above any she could find online, and that it was possible she held the world record in Grid16. This was later confirmed to be false after she found an ArmorGames user with a score higher than hers.She currently has the 2nd highest score in the world, until one another is found that beats hers.