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Free For All
Big Brother Competitions
Appearance(s) BB12 (W1HOH)

Free-For-All is a forum game competition in BB12.

Concept and Rules

In Free For All, players would pick a defensive typing (either 1 or 2 types could be used), and then use any type of attacks they want to attack every other player individually. In terms of attacks, players are all given 200 HP, and attack strength works like this:

  • 4x Effective: 16 damage
  • 2x Effective: 8 damage
  • 1x Effective: 4 damage
  • 0.5x Effective: 2 damage
  • 0.25x Effective: 1 damage
  • 0x Effective: 0 damage

After 2 rounds, the houseguest with the most points by combination of HP left and damage dealt would win the competition!

Winning Placements

In BB12, Ephemera managed to finish with 278 points after 2 rounds, winning them the first HOH of the season!