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Food Stack
Big Brother Competitions
Appearance(s) BB1 (W6HOH), BB5 (W7HOH Part 1), BB9 (W6POV)

Food Stack is a flash game competition in BB1, BB5 and BB9.

Concept and Rules

In Food Stack, players have to stack as many slices of different foods as they possibly could. There are also the options to buy Second Chances and Head Starts with coins earned from playing the game, as well as Coin Doublers.

Winning Placements

In BB1, this HOH competition went to Vracken, with a score of 107. He barely beat out DoS's 104, and Blakers' 102.

In BB5, Hermes beat out the other two players in the Final 3: NP and Lily with a massive score of 221. Everyone scored higher than the previous record.

In BB9, Mora won out with a monstrous score of 470 points, winning his 2nd full control of the season in a runaway victory.