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Flappy Bird
Big Brother Competitions
Appearance(s) BB2 (W3BOTB), BB3 (W8POV), BB5 (W5HOH), BB6 (W8HOH Part 2), BB7 (W3POV), BB10 (W2POV + Misc)

Flappy Bird is a flash game competition in BB2, BB3, BB5, BB6, BB7 and BB10.

Concept and Rules

In Flappy Bird, houseguests played as a bird, clicking to jump in between green pipes. Players tried to jump between as many pipes as they could before they eventually died.

Winning Placements

In BB2, this competition was used as the Battle of the Block competition, with Quaking + Blakers vs. LC and Muffin. In the end, Blakers was the only player to submit anything, submitting a score of 25, and he was able to remove himself from the block. Quaking received his third warning and was modkilled, Muffin decided to drop at this point, and LC received his first warning.

In BB3, Violet won this with a score of 70 points, removing herself from the block in the process.

In BB5, Hermes shattered previous records with a massive score of 126 points.

In BB6, FK won Part 2 of the HOH competition with a measly 8 points, the lowest winning score so far.

In BB7, Flour won this competition with 50 points total, winning the Volatile POV and saving himself.

In BB10, Almonds won the competition with 29 points, winning the POV competition on top of his power as Chieftain! In addition, Mora survived his duel against Vom, winning with 110 points.