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Now, we have a special case in this scenario. Turtwig decided to play the Blue Button for Cheez, activating the Fictional Failure. Since this power has been played for Cheez in the case he was evicted, Cheez will receive a task to complete within the next 24 hours. - Lorde, BB9

The Fictional Failure is a twist introduced in BB9.


The Fictional Failure is a twist that is enacted through the use of the Blue Button. When this button is pressed by its holder, the week's evicted houseguest was given a task to complete. If the task was completed, the evicted houseguest would re-enter the game with a week of Immunity. If they failed to complete the task, they would be officially evicted.

The twist entered play on Week 4 during the POV competition, with the prize being claimed by Turtwig, with the button being available for usage on Weeks 4 and 5 alone. The button was pressed on Week 5, offering Cheez a chance to get back into the house. He failed the task, however, and was officially evicted.

Effects on the Game

The Fictional Failure had a potentially huge effect on the game with its ability to effectively cancel an eviction, and save the evicted houseguest. However, considering the task was failed, the game continued on as normal.

Player Reception

Due to Cheez's failure to re-enter the house, the Fictional Failure was not really thought about, and was mostly ignored throughout the rest of the season.