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Appearance(s) BB6 (W6POV), BB8 (W4POV), BB9 (D56POV)

Fibbage is a forum game competition in BB6, BB8 and BB9.

Concept and Rules

In Fibbage, houseguests had to submit lies about a scenario to the host. After all the lies were submitted, players were presented a list of all of their lies and the single true statement. If a player's lie was picked, the player who created that lie receives 500 points. If someone picks the truth, they receive 1000 points. The player with the most points after 3 rounds will win the Power of Veto!

In BB8, this was extended to 7 rounds, as it was a live competition. In BB9, this was taken back down to 5 rounds, as it was part of a live double eviction.

Winning Placements

In BB6, Jade won the competition with 3,500 points, winning his third POV of the season. He opted to save Vom, forcing the default nomination of Flour, who was swiftly evicted.

In BB8, Lorde managed to outscore Mae and Flour, and won the POV, which she used to save Flour.

In BB9, Shaymin finished the competition with a massive score, finishing with 3 times as many points as 2nd place, and winning his first competition of the season.