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This is a game about those who've fallen from grace, and in our case, that's those already out of the running. Over the past 3 weeks of this game, 3 people have been evicted. Here are the 3 evicted houseguests from the previous weeks. Now for the fun part, for me at least. It is now your responsibility to pick one of them. - BB5 Update

Fallen Stars
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Big Brother Competitions
Appearance(s) BB5 (W4HOH), BB13 (W3 Misc)

Fallen Stars is a forum game discussion-based competition in BB5 and BB13.

Concept and Rules

After a few weeks, previously evicted houseguests would all be brought to the spotlight. The current houseguest would be told that they must choose 1 of the evicted houseguests. If one evicted houseguest received the majority of the votes to be selected, the discussion would end, as they'd be the "chosen" evicted houseguest. The evicted houseguest they chose would then ultimately have power to grant to a current houseguest of their choice.

Winning Placements

In BB5, Draskk received 4 votes to be picked, and had the majority. His decision was to decide who would be the week's HOH, and he chose TE. It was then revealed that Draskk received a 'special reward', which was the first seat on the jury.

In BB13, Brave quickly received 5 votes to have the majority. Their decision was to decide who would receive the [TBA], and they chose to give it to Almonds.