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Big Brother Competitions
Appearance(s) BB1 (W1POV), BB5 (W1POV), BB11 (W3POV)

Dots is a flash game competition in BB1, BB5 and BB11.

Concept and Rules

In Dots, houseguests take turns with the computer to place lines down on an 8x8 board. If one of them makes the line that completes a box, they score a point. The houseguest to obtain the most boxes out of the rest would be crowned the winner.

Winning Placements

In BB1, this was the Week 1 POV competition, and became the first competition of any type used for the Big Brother series. BB won with a 58-6 finishing score, removing himself from the block in the process.

In BB5, once again the Week 1 POV, this game made its first appearance in nearly two years. Jade, the reigning HOH, won this time with a 60-4 score, breaking the record and keeping his control over the nominees.

In BB11, this time the first POV after the Duo Partners twist ended, Scorpion managed to win with a score of 58-6, winning his 2nd POV!