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uh oh. QUICK. DRIVE TAXI!!! - Little Cherrim, BB2

Crazy Taxi
Big Brother Competitions
Appearance(s) BB2 (W2POV), BB7 (W1HOH), BB8 (W5HOH), BB10 (W6HOH)

Crazy Taxi is a flash game competition in BB2, BB7, BB8, and BB10.

Concept and Rules

In Crazy Taxi, houseguests had to maneuver a taxi cab threw bad traffic in the middle of a desert for as long as possible. The player who managed to rack up the most points doing this would win the competition.

Winning Placements

In BB2, this was the POV competition for Week 2. Mirdo won the competition with 67,308, saving himself from the block, forcing Celever to name a replacement.

In BB7, Mirdo once again took home this competition, with a slightly higher score of 72,214, becoming the first HOH of the season.

In BB8, despite a close race with Brave and Lorde, Mae managed to pull out her first HOH win of the season with 70,786 points, nominating Brave and Lily.

In BB10, Almonds scored 68,172 points, becoming the new HOH!