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Counting Sheep
Big Brother Competitions
Appearance(s) BB12 (W6HOH), BB13 (W4HOH)

Counting Sheep is a forum game competition in BB12 and BB13.

Concept and Rules

In Counting Sheep, players would be shown a list of emojis, and were then told to count up all of the sheep emojis. The houseguest who correctly answered with the number of sheep emojis in the fastest time would win the competition!

Winning Placements

In BB12, Hermes correctly guessed the number of 63 sheep in 27.80 seconds, winning the HOH.

In BB13, with the competition now called Counting KBs to match the season's theme, Celever correctly guessed the number of 28 dark blue KBs in 20.39 seconds, winning the HOH.