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Appearance(s) BB13 (W1 Misc)

Counting Sheep is a forum game competition in BB13.

Concept and Rules

In Connect 4c, players would play on a vertical board, with the goal of getting a row of 4 colored discs of their own color in a row. This could be done straight or vertically. The houseguest who manages to accomplish this first will win the competition!

Winning Placements

In BB13, the houseguests were paired off by the Popularity Palooza twist into pairs that competed in Connect 4 duels. Ultimately, Almonds, Celever, Draskk, Sena and TE won their duels against Blakers, Brave, Clear, Trunkz and mirdo respectively. The winners won safety for the round, while all 5 of the losers were put up for eviction.