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Color Switch
Big Brother Competitions
Appearance(s) BB1 (W4POV), BB2 (W2 Immunity), BB4 (W4POV), BB7 (W5 Tricky POV), BB13 (W6POV)

Color Switch is a flash game competition in BB1, BB2, BB4, BB7 and BB13.

Concept and Rules

In Color Switch, houseguests click to send a ball upwards through multi-coloured shapes. The ball may only pass through parts of the shapes that are the same colour, and the ball changes colour every so often. Passing through a shape gives the player a point, and the houseguest with the highest score is the winner.

Winning Placements

In BB1, Blakers won the first Color Switch competition with 25 points, who had been barely trailed by Vracken and DoS, both with 24 points.

In BB2, NP submitted a score of 24 points, which would have trailed Jesi's score of 27 points, but due to NP possessing an advantage in the immunity challenge, his score was increased to 39 points, giving him immunity.

In BB4, R3 had set the record of the highest score submitted for the game with 74 points.

In BB7, Jade had won Week 5's POV allowing him use of the Tricky POV. The veto's task was to score higher than 25 points, beating out the record of the original high score in BB1. Jade succeeded and pulled himself off the block.

In BB13, Draskk won the competition with a score of 89 points, breaking R3's record and winning the POV.