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Chaos Blossoms is a major alliance formed in BB12.


Brave Vesperia
Scattered mind


The alliance formed early in the game, with the PB moderators linking up due to the obvious connection. With Jabber being one of the new houseguests on the cast, Anna was roped in since she was the other new player, forming the alliance.

Notable Moves

Anna's HOH on week 2 managed to take out Ephemera, who the alliance deemed to be a threat long-term. Besides that, this alliance did not have a collected set of moves.


The alliance appeared to be the center of the house for the first couple of weeks, as Jabber had connections to Draskk, Scattered to Mars, Anna to Hermes and Brave to Ephemera, ultimately reaching a majority of the house. However, the alliance had communication issues and failed to maintain trust past the first few weeks of the game. A rumor mill that Hermes started about Scattered managed to poison Scattered's relationships, and Flour's HOH pitting the alliance against one another proved to be problematic for all their games. Ultimately, Anna's HOH resulted in the nominations of Draskk and later Scattered, effectively ending the alliance.

Though Jabber did manage to get to the end, he failed to secure the votes he needed to win, in part because both of his former Chaos Blossoms allies voted for Flour instead of him.