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Card Toss
Big Brother Competitions
Appearance(s) BB7 (W8POV), BB9 (W3HOH), BB10 (W1POV + Misc)

Card Toss is a flash game competition in BB7, BB9 and BB10.

Concept and Rules

In Card Toss, houseguests had to throw cards into hats, that would spawn all over the screen one at a time, gaining points for landing cards in them. The game progresses through levels, with rapidly increasing difficulty. Failure to complete a level with the allotted time results in the game being over. The houseguest with the highest total score would win the competition!

Winning Placements

In BB7, Celever won out with a score of 307,604, even with a reputation loss.

In BB9, Cheez barely edged out Scorpion with a score of 175,165 points, winning the HOH competition.

In BB10, Quaking won out over the rest, winning the Power of Veto! In addition, Vom bested Scattered in the first round of battle backs.