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The Bag of Bounty is an advantage introduced in BB8.


During week 3's POV competition, the winner of the competition was offered a temptation: the Bag of Bounty, or the POV. If they were to choose the bag of bounty, they would receive 7 advantages (1 for each past season of PBB) in 1 bag. However, they would only be able to use one of them. These were the advantages:

  • BB1 - Vote Reveal: At any time, this power may be used in-thread to reveal all of the votes a particular houseguest has cast this season.
  • BB2 - Immunity Advanatage: Before the Power of Veto competition has been revealed, the user may DM the host to use this power to automatically place themselves in the POV competition. They will also receive a 25% boost to your score, and this power expired after week 6.
  • BB3 - Pot of Greed: If this power is used, the user would receive an extra vote to use in that week's eviction, but will lose their vote during the next week. This power was to be used on Week 3 or Week 5.
  • BB4 - Gungner, the Lightning Spear: During the first 24 hours of any Power of Veto competition, the user may use this in-thread on a houseguest (besides the nominees) playing in the POV competition. That houseguest will be unable to participate in that competition. This power was to be used on Week 7 or Week 8.
  • BB5 - Legacy Advantage: If this power is used during an ongoing HOH competition, the user will be given immunity for the entire week. This power was to be used on Week 4 or Week 6.
  • BB6 - Immunity Idol: Before Week 4's Head of Household competition is revealed, the user may use this power to grant someone other than themselves vote nullification. If that player is evicted next week by votes (i.e. not the Backdoor Blockade), they will be safe and the other one on the block will go home.
  • BB7 - King's Crown: The King's Crown may be given to any player. If they are evicted, the Head of Household will gain the King's Crown. This season, the holder of the King's Crown will have the power to break any ties in competitions. The King's Crown may be given to anyone at the beginning of any week during the remainder of the game.

Effects on the Game

Though the Bag of Bounty was never used, it played a role in the social aspect of the game, as information spread and circles of trust were broken and reformed. Over the course of Week 4, the existence of this advantage was spread around the house in attempt to make the holder's (Violet) target bigger.

Player Reception

The Bag of Bounty had very little of a reception, as its secret nature meant that most players did not think much of it. Most players felt it was an acceptable power to include, and the method it was given was fair, with most criticism of it being based on misconceptions of how the Bag of Bounty worked rather than its actual powers. Though some believed that there were too many possible advantages contained within it, the fact that these advantages were limited in power and were references to past seasons made others praise it as a nice detail to include in an All-Star season.