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With the Spotlight removed, nobody can completely trust the loyalty of those who have worked with them so far this game. But if you do, you may choose to play for the Backdoor Blockade. The people who choose this option will be unable to compete for either Head of Household or the Power of Veto (even if they are put on the block) this week. - NinjaPenguin, BB8

The Backdoor Blockade is an advantage introduced in BB8.


From weeks 3-5, the holder would be able to use this power. If the holder was going to be a replacement nominee, then they will be saved from nomination, and the houseguest already on the block will be automatically evicted. However, if they were not going to be nominated, then they would be the replacement nominee instead of who the HOH wanted to nominate.

Effects on the Game

With the entire house knowing what the blockade did, naming replacement nominees was a very tense process for those 3 weeks. However, after events that happened throughout week 4, the holder of the advantage (Raven) was exposed, and all mystery surrounding the power was gone.

Player Reception

The Backdoor Blockade was received positively by the players, being seen as adding an interesting depth to the game through its ability to be used defensively, to keep its holder safe, or offensively, to automatically evict a target kept on the block. The Blockade's power level was also seen as strong enough to justify the temptation required to earn it without being overpowering, making it appropriate for the Temptation Week twist, though some players felt it was too situational due to its limited duration.